Oh no the kids are off school – best make myself invisible.  They’ve got the grooming kit out and the magic mane comb that tidies up my long mane I’ve been growing all Winter – just as it was getting nice and long and messy as I like it ☹  And, no way they’ve even got the shampoo brush out – I DO NOT NEED A BATH – I had one last year, I really could cry!

All this means, it’s that time of year again – Easter, now to lots of people that means chocolate and chill out family time; but to me it means my humans are off school, the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the little darlings want to ride me 🙁  Now I don’t mind a little fuss, treats and grooming but I’m not so keen when out pops a new show rug and the trailer arrives on the yard.  That means hard work and being a good well behaved pony for the little humans.

You will see from the photo, I did try to take it off!!  I managed to escape briefly, I kicked and bucked and had just managed to get a good grip with my teeth when head human appeared with a trug that rattled, I’m afraid to say I just couldn’t help myself, banana treats mmmm.  Off I followed…

So back to being the perfect pony 🙂  Bathing, grooming, tidying, riding and off to the show we go!

They have given me an Easter egg though because I am such a perfect pony!!!