So this lands on my mat this morning!!  I’ve re-joined the delightful community of endurance riders once again, after 18 years; well something like that, certainly pre-children and life never being the same again times.  My human babies are now 15 and 17 so I have no excuse.  I always loved doing pleasure rides and I think the endurance crowd are the most welcoming group of equestrians there is!  I did have a little taster last year at Raby Castle and yes I was hooked yet again; my incredibly green 9 year old crawled around and sadly didn’t even get a rosette so going to have to make sure I find someone to ride the whole route with this time.  I rode with a lady doing a different distance and had to leave her part way through, Taboo’s heart was broken, he did cry,  and it was a long time on our own (at least 27 miles according to Taboo) until we were caught up and we tagged along with yet another friendly rider!

Back to the magazine, arabs everywhere, now I’ve had two, love them but my horse is here to stay and he is no arab!  So I’m feeling a little inadequate now, Taboo is a warmblood cross, around 16HH, canters like a steam train going across a ploughed field and that’s when he’s not fly bucking!  So can Taboo and his middle aged rider rise to the challenge, time will tell!!  He lives out so we are planning our first ride to be Durham Valleys on 8th April, anyone fancy keeping us company to help us get round in the allocated time?!?

I guess I need to get away from this computer and go get this horse fit!!

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